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Reach a captive audience with hyper-local marketing

How it Works

Reach your ideal customer where they eat, workout and go out with friends.

It’s really quite easy. Most Indoor Advertising gets the job done by taking the otherwise idle time and turning it into a highly productive marketing tool.

Indoor Billboards are the only media you can choose that will target your customers with pinpoint accuracy: select locations by income, area of town, profession, lifestyle, age … and, of course, gender.

It's all about the Locations

    • Bars
    • Restaurants
    • Night Clubs
    • Health Clubs
    • Bowling Centers
    • Event Venues

Tell us WHO your customers are and we'll tell you WHERE they are

 Don’t waste your advertising dollar talking to people who are never going to be your customers – deliver your advertising message directly to your exact target demographic group by choosing the locations that most closely match their profile. Click here to see our most up-to-date list of indoor billboard locations.

Advertising that simply can't be missed

"The only place in the world where your ideal customers stand in line to read your ad."

Also, the unusual and unexpected nature of this form of advertising commands focal levels of attention, thus enabling better comprehension and longer lasting impressions.”   

Source: Rice University

A Captive Audience

Get “up close and personal” with your customers and prospective customers by talking to them at a time when you have their undivided attention. Indoor Billboards are the only advertising medium that effectively eliminates distractions and interruptions – giving the advertiser increased name recognition and Top of Mind Awareness.

Precise Targeting

You know who your customers are – we know where they are. With radio, television, and other print media, a large percentage of your money is spent talking to people who aren’t even in your target market. Indoor Billboards are the most targeted media you can choose: select by gender, age, income, lifestyle and/or geography for maximum exposure and maximum return.

Exclusive Placement

Chances are, you constantly struggle to separate your business from your competitors. Most Indoor Advertising is the only media that will guarantee that your ads will not share space or time with your competitors’ ads, giving you that extra edge so critical to business success.

crave beauty academy display ad wichita ks

Constant Exposure

Newspaper and direct mail ads are thrown away within days; television, radio, and outdoor disappear in seconds. Our Billboards work for you 7 days a week, sometimes 24 hours a day! Many of our locations provide very high levels of repeat traffic, giving you incredible frequency and top of mind awareness for months at a time.

Astonishing Results

Most Indoor Advertising get the job done by taking otherwise idle time and turning it into a highly productive marketing tool. The unique nature of this form of advertising combines all of the features of good advertising – frequency, reach, positioning – with full color impact, at an affordable price. This gives you the kind of results you deserve in an advertising campaign.

I am happy with the great customer service and the captive marketing opportunity I get with DeAnn Most and her company.  DeAnn is very friendly and helpful to make sure I have great marketing posts that gain new clients. I definitely recommend her for your advertising needs.

Alanna F. - Air Source Health & Air Conditioning

Why Most Indoor Advertising?

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